What is A Cupcake?

Elmer 03 Februari 2023, Common Knowledge
What is A Cupcake?

This type of cake is often found in cafes, cake and bakery shops, at birthdays, and other special events. Its tiny appearance and beautiful cream topping make this cake not only used as a snack but also as a decoration and gift. People know it as a cupcake, a sweet, delicious cake with a soft texture.

Get to Know Cupcakes

Cupcake is a tiny cake covered in paper. The texture is soft and the taste is sweet. Most people make cupcakes to serve on special occasions such as birthdays, religious holidays, weddings, birthdays, and so on. Cupcakes are also commonly used as delivery or gifts for friends and loved ones.

Its tiny shape makes it easy for people to enjoy cupcakes in one meal. People can enjoy it easily because the ingredients are familiar, such as butter, sugar, eggs, and flour for the dough, raisins, berries, nuts, and chocolate chips for the filling or dough mixture, and cream for the topping.

Cupcake toppings are one of the main attractions because everyone can explore beautiful and interesting decorations. This topping can also be adjusted to the theme of special moments that are being celebrated.

Even though it has been found since 1828 in a book of receipts written by E. Leslie, cupcakes are still one of the favorite cakes for foodies. With the increasing variety of basic dough recipes and toppings, cupcakes are often considered a substitute for large tarts or multilevel tarts.

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Difference Between Cupcakes and Muffins

These two types of cakes are often considered similar because of their mini shapes and beautiful decorations. Even so, cupcakes and muffins are different types of cake. According to Pondan, The Kitchen, Sea Ranch Lodge, and Spoon University, some of these things can help Elmer Lovers differentiate between the two!

Making process

Cupcake ingredients are processed by shaking for a long time and repeatedly so that they don't clump together and produce a hollow, soft, and fluffy texture. There is a difference in the processing of muffins where the shaking is only brief, so the texture tends to clot and the final result is denser.


Basically, the main ingredients used are the same as flour, butter, eggs, and sugar, but the measurements for the ingredients are different. The ingredients used in cupcakes are usually higher, while muffins tend to use lower sugar levels. In the cupcake batter, there is usually the addition of dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. Instead, the flour in muffins can be replaced with whole wheat, oat, or nut flour. Butter can be replaced with vegetable oil, and the sugar content used can be lower than cupcakes.


The use of sugar in cupcakes is generally more, no wonder the taste is sweeter. In addition, the addition of various toppings is one of the contributors to the sweet taste of cupcakes, while muffins have a savory taste and are not so sweet.


TToppings are an important element in cupcakes and muffins, it's just that the toppings on cupcakes are more varied and decorative because they use complex frosting designs and additional chocolate decorations that vary according to the theme. For muffins, toppings are made simpler with the addition of powdered sugar or chocolate, and generally, muffins are served without toppings. This distinction makes it easier for people to visually identify cupcakes and muffins.

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