Want to have a white ring on donuts, here's how!

Elmer 19 April 2022, Tips And Tricks
Want to have a white ring on donuts, here's how!

Donut lovers must be very familiar with the term "White Ring". The white ring is a circular white part in the middle of the donut which is a sign that the frying process has been successful.

The white ring turned out to be the deciding point for a perfectly made or perfunctory donut. Elmer Lovers certainly wants to provide the best results for families and customers, right? So, let's look at how to produce the right white ring donut.

Fermentation, the First Option to Get White Ring

When making donuts, fermentation is a step that needs to be passed so that the donut dough undergoes a double expansion process. If the donut is of the optimal size, there will be room for a white ring to form.

The length of fermentation time depends on the room temperature, the hotter the temperature, the faster the fermentation, and vice versa. This process can actually be done using a proofer so that the temperature and humidity can be adjusted and the time it takes is not too long. In the donut recipes shared, the recommended fermentation time is usually 30-60 minutes depending on each room temperature. So, make sure Elmer Lovers follow the recipe and pay attention to the detailed information given in the recipe to minimize errors.

There are characteristics of fermentation that Elmer Lovers need to know, namely an increase in volume, an increase in dough temperature, and the formation of flavors from fermentation. In addition, according to Sajian Sedap, there is another way to find out if the fermentation process is complete, namely tear a little dough from the donut and check the fiber. If there is already fiber like that in bread, then the dough has fermented enough.

Avoid Turning Donuts While Frying

In addition to the fermentation process, the frying process is another option to get white rings. When frying donuts, make sure the process of turning the donut dough only once. This is to avoid the white ring being lost because the donut dough turns brown due to exposure to the heat of the oil.

So, Elmer Lovers need to make sure that one side of the donut is brown first, then flip the donut so that the other side turns brown and a white ring is formed. For more details, we recommend checking the Soft Donut Glazing tutorial to get the best donut results.