Vision, Mission and Values

We developed our chocolate products after years of work and research, with a commitment to fulfil your needs to create an amazing variety of chocolate treats.

Vision              : To be the most innovative chocolate and baking ingredient factory recognized for its world class quality

Mission            : Providing quality products according to customer needs and providing support to improve customer business through creative innovations


Value              : GRACIOUS

GRATEFUL             Always be grateful, because everything is a gift and grace of GOD

RELIABLE              Trustworthy and reliable, persistent, spirit not easily give up and give up hope

AWESOME             Excellent quality and service, dedicated to always being the best

COMMITTED          Committed and dedicated with whole heart, teamwork and integrity

INNOVATIVE          Always innovate and be creative in creating new products or ideas, passion for learning, and continuous improvement

OPEN                     Open-minded, friendly, tolerant, ready to accept new ideas or differences of opinion

UPLIFTING            Motivating and encouraging, always optimistic and full of hope, positive thinking

SINCERE               Serving, honest, sincere, friendly, cheerful, humble, and kind




ELMER is Great and Famous (Anglo-Saxon).


EXCELLENT            The finest or highest quality, superior, splendid

LOVELY                   Loving, full of love, beautiful, enjoyable, delightful, very nice, general sense

MARVELOUS          Miraculous, exciting, surprise or wonder, astonishing extraordinarily and great

ENERGETIC            Displaying or possessing energy lively, making effort and work to promote

RELIABLE                Trustworthy, worthy of reliance or dependable, consistently good in quality and performance

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