Here it is, the Most Popular Donut Toppings!

Elmer 03 Mei 2022, Tips And Tricks
Here it is, the Most Popular Donut Toppings!

Donuts, snacks that are a favorite of culinary lovers, both children, and adults. The dense texture can make your stomach feel full, especially the attractive and beautiful toppings that make it even more addicting.

In addition to adding value to the visuals of the donuts, the addition of toppings makes the donut taste even more delicious! Donut producers, ranging from SMEs to well-known outlets, apply donut toppings to arouse the tastes of their customers. What are the most used donut toppings?

Donut Sugar

Donut sugar has a similar appearance to powdered sugar, but it doesn't absorb or melt when exposed to heat and has a cooling sensation when eaten. Elmer Lovers can apply Bakerline Donut Dusting as a donut sprinkle to make it more delicious and not easy to disappear after application.


Chocolate is another option to enhance the appearance of donuts. Melted chocolate can be used as a topping for customers' favorite donuts. Elmer Chocolate provides various chocolate variants ranging from Elmer Compound Dark, White, Tropical Rhapsody & Vista Festival (color variant), and special flavored compounds so that donut toppings are more varied.

Dip Glaze, Chocolate Glaze

The glaze is known as a technique of coating the top surface of donuts with liquid sugar and milk. Donuts are dipped in a homogeneous glaze. The most practical way is to apply the Elmer Dip Glaze series to get the best taste and visuals for Elmer Lovers donut creations.

In addition, Elmer Lovers can also combine these donut toppings with nuts, Elmer Sugar Sprinkle, Elmer Chocolate Sprinkles, Elmer Chunky Flakes, Elmer Crispy Ball, Elmer Chocostone, and other decorative chocolates. Interesting right?