Recipe Tree Bark Cookies

Elmer 11 Januari 2024, Recipe
Recipe Tree Bark Cookies

Wood motifs on cookies are a beautiful way to add a natural touch to baked treats. The patterns can resemble wood grain, the appearance of wood slices, or others that make the cookies more special and unique. This time, Elmer Chocolate will provide inspiration for Tree Bark Cookies. These wood-patterned cookies are made with an easy process and offer an aesthetic result.




Ingredients A

215 gr Butter Blend West Land

  75 gr Bakerline Icing Sugar

  70 gr Eggs

Ingredients B

320 gr Low Protein Flour

  20 gr Milk Powder

  20 gr Cornstarch

  30 gr Elmer Cocoa Powder Af. Red 24%

Ingredients C

50 gr Elmer Chocostick Regular



1. Beat ingredients A until fluffy.

2. Add ingredients B, and mix until well-combined.

3. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 5 millimeters.

4. Roll up the dough and fill it with ingredients C.

5. Bake until golden at 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

6. Cool and serve.



This recipe can be used for snacks or as a selling idea for special occasions like Christmas, Ramadan, and Eid. Enjoy your creativity!