Characteristics of Chocolate Still Worth Consuming After a Long Time of Storage

Elmer 20 Januari 2023, Common Knowledge
Characteristics of Chocolate Still Worth Consuming After a Long Time of Storage

Often people forget to store chocolate in the cupboard over time and the expiration date is hard to detect. It feels reluctant to throw it away, but if we want to consume it, we are worried that it has expired. The question arises whether this chocolate is still safe for consumption? Has this chocolate expired? Therefore, learn the characteristics of chocolate that is still safe for consumption, to find out the right steps that can be taken.

Based on research, chocolate is one product that can last a long time. The shelf life of chocolate can be determined based on its type, for example, milk chocolate and white chocolate, which expire faster than dark chocolate, which does not contain milk. Even so, poor chocolate storage can cause the quality of chocolate to decrease.

The best-before date printed on the chocolate packaging is not the same as the expiration date. Best before indicates that the quality of the chocolate is no longer the same as the quality at it was first produced, but it can still be consumed. Elmer Lovers must check the characteristics of chocolate for the sake of feeling safe when consuming it, after being stored for a long time.

Watch for Cracks in the Surface of the Chocolate and the Bloom Process

The surface of the chocolate can show two things, cracks, and white crystal spots. If there are cracks, then the chocolate is most likely spoiled and unfit for consumption. If there is a layer of white crystals, then it is called the fat bloom or sugar bloom which appears due to exposure to drastic air changes. Chocolate that has bloomed is still suitable for consumption, for example, used as a mixture of cake mix.

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Watch for Changing Scents

Smelling the aroma of chocolate is one of the easiest ways to determine the quality of chocolate that has been stored for a long time. Chocolate is a product that easily absorbs the aromas around it. When the chocolate has lost its original aroma and has a strange smell or mixes with the smells of food around it, especially when it smells moldy or sour, it is better not to eat it because it has expired.

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Watch for Changes in Taste

Tasting small pieces of chocolate can give you an idea of its quality! Besides being known to easily absorb flavors, chocolate also easily absorbs aromas from the food around it. If the taste of the chocolate has changed, then this indicates that the chocolate has been contaminated. It is recommended not to consume it because the quality has decreased.

After reading the characteristics of chocolate above, Elmer Lovers needs to pay more attention to the chocolate storage process so that the quality is well maintained. In addition, pay attention to the characteristics above so you don't consume expired chocolate.