Are There White Spots on Chocolate? Let's Get to Know Sugar Bloom and Fat Bloom!

Elmer 10 Mei 2022, Common Knowledge
Are There White Spots on Chocolate? Let's Get to Know Sugar Bloom and Fat Bloom!

“Chocolate is a delicious cure for a bad day”

If the chocolate has white spots, is it still a mood booster? Some people still think that chocolate that has white spots is no longer suitable for consumption because it is identified with the growth of fungus. This thought certainly dampened Elmer Lovers' good mood, didn't it?

After being traced, this white spot is known as chocolate bloom, a phenomenon when white spots appear on chocolate during the storage process. Although this phenomenon is normal, chocolate bloom is one of the things that makes chocolate look unappetizing and lowers the quality of chocolate.

There are two known chocolate blooms, namely sugar blooms and fat blooms. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the extreme temperature changes when storing chocolate. Some of Elmer Lovers may have stored chocolate in the refrigerator, even though the cold temperature will damage the quality of the chocolate!

When chocolate is stored in the refrigerator, it will experience sugar and fat bloom. There is a condensation process on the surface of the chocolate that can dissolve some of the sugar which will re-crystallize leaving a white and rough layer on the surface of the chocolate. In addition to white spots, the brown surface will also be dull because there is oil coming out.

There are tips that can be done, make sure to store the chocolate in a clean and tightly closed container. Store the chocolate at room temperature, ideally at a temperature of 10-20C so that the quality of the chocolate is maintained. Therefore, Elmer Lovers do not need to panic and worry when you find chocolate bloom. As long as the chocolate does not emit an unpleasant odor and has not expired, it is still suitable for consumption.