Viral! Milk Bun from Thailand You Can Make at Home

Elmer 16 Mei 2024, Common Knowledge
Viral! Milk Bun from Thailand You Can Make at Home

The sweet "milk bun" from Thailand is piquing the curiosity of Indonesians, prompting them to resort to personal shoppers and queue up at nearby cafes. Viral snacks tend to induce FOMO (fear of missing out) as they are constantly exposed through various channels, whether directly, on television, or on social media. The milk bun from After You Café has actually been around since 2018, but it resurfaced in popularity due to reviews by several influencers or KOLs. Unfortunately, the virality of the milk bun and the frenzy surrounding personal shopping led the Customs Office to destroy 2,564 pieces of milk bun at Soekarno Hatta Airport in February 2024.

Thai Milk Bun is a type of bread with a soft and sweet texture, filled with butter cream and vanilla milk powder. This creation offers a variety of fillings including strawberry bun, butter bun, choco bun, Nutella bun, and pandan coconut custard cream, sold for Rp 52,713 at After You Cafe. Thai Milk Bun has become a popular snack choice in Thailand and has gained popularity abroad, including in Indonesia.

Its soft and fluffy texture, combined with the delightful sweetness of milk, satisfies the taste buds of many. Furthermore, the variety of fillings in Thai Milk Bun prevents boredom and encourages exploration of different flavors. Thai Milk Bun is also attractively packaged in a simple yet beautiful manner, enticing customers to purchase it. Elmer Lovers can explore various toppings, ranging from Bakerline Donut Dusting, Elmer Cocoa Powder, milk powder, grated cheese, sesame seeds, nuts, Elmer Meses, fresh fruits, syrup, to Elmer Dip Glaze series.

For a simple tutorial to try at home, Elmer Lovers can directly watch it on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel. Happy creating!