Two Chinese New Year Favorites, Lapis Legit and Delicious Angku Cakes and Symbols of Prosperity

Elmer 13 Januari 2023, Common Knowledge
Two Chinese New Year Favorites, Lapis Legit and Delicious Angku Cakes and Symbols of Prosperity

Celebrating Chinese New Year is incomplete without special dishes such as Lapis Legit and Angku. Two special creations that are often used as mandatory dishes when gathering with family on Chinese New Year. Making it may not be easy, but it’s really challenging to make it yourself, for your beloved family.

Chinese New Year is coming soon, it will be very challenging for Elmer Lovers to prepare special dishes on that day. Moreover, there will be many relatives gathered in a warm atmosphere, it's time to give some special homemade baking creations.

Philippine Lapis Legit

Who doesn't know Lapis Legit, a traditional cake that was brought by the Dutch to Indonesia and eventually became popular because of its distinctive taste and appearance? It is called Lapis Legit because it has many layers with a sweet taste. Among Chinese people, this is one of the obligatory dishes during Chinese New Year celebrations and displays a symbol of abundant fortune and prosperity.

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At present, it is not only known as the original lapis legit, lapis legit prune, but there are also those serving Philippine Lapis Legit. The combination of Lapis Surabaya and Lapis Legit has an attractive appearance and delicious taste. If Elmer Lovers wants to make it to welcome Chinese New Year, there's no need to be confused. Check out the tutorial on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.

Angku Cake

Angku cake or Thok cake is further known in Chinese culture or in China as Angku kueh or Red Tortoise cake. This causes its shape to be like a tortoise shell and its red color. Not only as an ordinary dish, Angku cake is considered to have the meaning as a symbol of longevity and prosperity. Even though it is dominated by red, Elmer Lovers can make it with other colors such as green and brown!

Most Angku fillings are peanuts or green beans which are added with sugar and pounded. However, Elmer Lovers can add chocolate filling like in the Angku Cake tutorial a la Elmer Chocolate, so it's different from the others.