Lapis Surabaya, A Traditional’s Indonesian Snack

Elmer 17 Mei 2022, Common Knowledge
Lapis Surabaya, A Traditional’s Indonesian Snack

Who doesn't know Lapis Surabaya? Most people must have known it and even tasted it.

Lapis Surabaya or also known as Spiku Surabaya is one of the typical souvenirs of Surabaya. Lapis Surabaya is believed to have existed since the Dutch era made from a dutch cake recipe. Over time, this cake has had many variations. Even so, many know its trademark with the appearance of three layers of yellow and brown cake and each layer is filled with filling or jam.

Currently, Lapis Surabaya is one of the favorite cakes for culinary lovers, so it is not surprising that tourists bring Lapis Surabaya souvenirs every time they visit the City of Heroes. The texture is very soft and moist and the fillings are delicious, ranging from chocolate jam to fruit jams such as strawberry and blueberry jam.

Elmer Lovers can also make it at home like the original so that it can serve delicious personal creations to the family. To get maximum results, here Elmer Chocolate provides tutorials and baking tips for making Lapis Surabaya.