Making Viral Snacks on Tiktok, Chocolate Drop Cookies

Elmer 07 April 2023, Common Knowledge
Making Viral Snacks on Tiktok, Chocolate Drop Cookies

Tiktok's popularity has skyrocketed every year, especially now that Tiktok is not only known for having content for dancing but also content for education distributed by content creators and brands. Some types of content that are often used are tips and tricks, product usage tutorials, hashtag challenges, education, a day in the life, behind-the-scenes, product unboxing, and product showcases.

As a brand that carries the tagline "Inspiring Innovation", Elmer Chocolate also doesn't want to be left behind in sharing inspiration for baking needs through educational content such as recipe tutorials, tips & tricks, entertainment, and more. To reach more audiences, Elmer also always makes and follows the trend of baking creations that can be used as a snack menu and sold by housewives and businesses like Chocolate Drop Cookies.

Chocolate Drop Cookies

Drop cookies formed by spooning them into spheres, slightly flattened. Even though it is known for how to make a spoonful of it, Elmer usually puts the cookie dough in a piping bag and a syringe to make the baking process easier and shorter.

The process of making drop cookies is fairly easy and the results can last a long time. However, Elmer Lovers need to ensure proper baking techniques and store it in clean, dry, and airtight containers. The texture of these cookies is crunchy and the flavors can vary from vanilla to chocolate. Drop cookies are usually mixed with nuts, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, and dried fruit. To make it more attractive and has higher selling value, drop cookies can be topped with Bakerline Donut Dusting, sliced ??candied cherries, and melted Elmer Compound Dark or Elmer Dip Glaze.

Some time ago, drop cookies started happening because they went "viral" on Tiktok and became the best-selling food at the Tiktok Shop. People are competing to adapt these drop cookies as snacks and selling snacks because they see the enthusiasm of the market. It's only natural that drop cookies are liked because these cookies have been a favorite for a long time. However, a touch of varied and delicious melted chocolate and attractive packaging made it "happening" again.

If Elmer Lovers are interested in making drop cookies, now is the time to watch the Chocolate Drop Cookies tutorial on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.