Lapis Legit, Compulsory Chinese New Year 2023 Dish

Elmer 06 Januari 2023, Common Knowledge
Lapis Legit, Compulsory Chinese New Year 2023 Dish

Lapis Legit is interpreted as a symbol of multiple layers of luck and prosperity. Eating sponge cake that is multiplied and stacked, just like abundant and stacked sustenance. That is the meaning of Lapis Legit in Chinese culture.

Lapis Legit has a significant meaning and fulfills the criteria of pride on Chinese New Year. Every food served during Chinese New Year does not only prioritize taste but also meaning. It's no wonder that Lapis Legit is always a must-have dish at this moment because of its multi-layered meaning that gives luck and prosperity.

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Over time, the Lapis Legit served during Chinese New Year was not only the original version, but colorful Lapis Legit and Prune Lapis Legit. But keep in mind, the process of making Lapis Legit is not easy and requires a long process, but the end result is luxurious, tastes delicious, and has a high selling value. This process is also equated with the process of living life as a human being. Even though the process is not easy and long, the results never betray the process. Every effort made, gives satisfactory results.

Most people understand the difficulty of making Lapis Legit, especially since long ago it had to be made manually using quality ingredients. Therefore, Lapis Legit is often priced at high prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of Rupiah.