How to Store Fondant the Right Way

Elmer 22 Februari 2024, Tips And Tricks
How to Store Fondant the Right Way

Fondant is a popular material for cake decorations. Fondant requires specific handling during storage to maintain its quality. Proper storage will keep fondant elastic, soft, and easy to shape. Here are some tips for storing fondant that Elmer Lovers can follow at home.

Tip 1: Kneading Fondant

If Elmer Lovers have fondant, especially leftover fondant, knead it until smooth and elastic to prevent drying at the edges, leaving only the center moist. But don't worry, the dry edges can be trimmed and kneaded again when needed, so there's minimal waste.

Tip 2: Wrapping Fondant

An essential step in preserving fondant quality is tightly wrapping it as prolonged exposure to air can dry it out. Elmer Lovers can wrap fondant using cling or press and seal wrap, then place it in a zip-lock bag. Don't forget to label the date and time of production to monitor the fondant's expiration. Afterward, the wrapped fondant can be stored in a container.

Tip 3: Fondant Storage Location

Store fondant in a cool place away from direct sunlight to maintain its elasticity. Intense sunlight can cause fondant, especially colored fondant, to fade quickly. Additionally, fondant must be kept away from water as it dissolves sugar, causing it to lose taste and elasticity. Fondant exposed to water become sticky and challenging to knead!

With these easy-to-follow tips at home, Elmer Lovers can create a lasting and efficient fondant stock because the fondant will be easier to apply. By maintaining fondant in the proper storage conditions, it stays in good condition and is ready for use whenever Elmer Lovers needs it. A recommended fondant that is easy to knead, elastic, flexible, tear-resistant, can be stored in the fridge, and has a bubble gum aroma is the Bakerline Silky Fondant. Many reviews have been given by customers, and numerous activities with professional chefs have been conducted to prove the quality of this product. Happy trying, Elmer Lovers.