#ElmerAddict Growth with Impact – Latbar Cake Decoration with LPK D'Baking House Lampung

Elmer 24 Maret 2022, New Press Release
#ElmerAddict Growth with Impact – Latbar Cake Decoration with LPK D'Baking House Lampung

Collaboration is a trend because nowadays business activities cannot stand alone to develop. Collaboration is considered capable of providing benefits for the parties involved, for example providing each other with inspiration and feedback on products to be developed as well as expanding networking so that future business activities can run and develop better. Agree or agree?

Elmer Chocolate and Bakerline, two brands under the auspices of PT Federal Food Internusa, realize the importance of collaboration in the business development process so that they are open in carrying out mutually beneficial activities. One of the things to do is to do activities with the community, schools, LPK, and others.

LPK D'Baking House is one of the Job Training Institutions in Bandar Lampung City which has various activities for self and professional development of the surrounding community. On February 20, 2022, LPK D'Baking House held a training with the theme Cake Decoration using fondant.

PT Federal Food Internusa provided Bakerline Silky Fondant to facilitate the training process and Ms. Yusliana Dewi, founder of LPK D'Baking House, was looking for the right mentor to train the participants, namely Ms. Chriestiana Cakradin. The training which lasted for 8 hours resulted in many beautiful and interesting creations from the participants.

Ms. Chriestiana Cakradin gave training on how to process fondant, decorate cakes with fondant, make figures or characters from fondant in detail so that the participants were able to produce good Cake Decorations.

"This is a good product and it doesn't tear easily," commented Ms. Chriestiana Cakradin on Bakerline Silky Fondant products.

The combination of the right partners and quality products will certainly give maximum results.