Viral Cake 2022, Get to Know the Ugly Cake which is Unique and Makes You Curious

Elmer 16 Desember 2022, Common Knowledge
Viral Cake 2022, Get to Know the Ugly Cake which is Unique and Makes You Curious

Ugly Cake started trending on TikTok when several accounts shared the content of people's reactions when they were given this unique birthday cake. This content is viral, even the hashtag #uglycake has reached 91.6 million uses. Apart from sharing the reactions of the people who received the cake, several baking accounts have also made video tutorials on how to make Ugly Cake. But, what exactly is the ugly cake trend? Check out the detailed info here!

No one thinks they will get a messy birthday cake, their wish is always the same, namely to get a beautiful birthday cake filled with a variety of appetizing toppings. But who would have thought, the Ugly Cake trend broke this criterion. Lots of people who get pranked get Ugly Cake from the people closest to them.

What is the Ugly Cake Trend?

The Ugly Cake trend is the trend for someone to give photos of messy or ugly cakes to their closest people via Whatsapp messages and share each person's reaction to this trend and prank on Tiktok. This trend is getting busier and more varied in character since several artists and public figures have taken part.

The Beginning of the Ugly Cake Trend

In her interview with Kompas, Ni Kadek Oktari Anggia Sekarwangi stated that Ugly Cake is not a trend but a reality that often happens to novice bakers abroad. As the owner of Sekar Wangi Cake, she is one of the first bakers to make Ugly Cake in Indonesia. Her work, Elsa Stroke, is a cake ordered by Fitri Tropica which eventually became a trend setter on social media.

Netizens have finally flocked to follow this trend. The characters are also growing to various cartoon characters and princesses. Apart from providing pleasure to customers and their immediate family, the Ugly Cake trend also contributes to the abundance of birthday cake orders received by entrepreneurs in this field.

Skills Required in Making Ugly Cakes

Even though Ugly Cake is known as a type of cake that looks ugly, this cake requires the right skills to make it! The production capital is not only quality materials, complete tools, but requires skills and references so that the Ugly Cake does not offend the norms, culture, and people concerned.

Ugly Cake Price Range

The hectic demand for Ugly Cake causes many businesses to provide Ugly Cake on their menu. The price is in the range of Rp 200,000 – 250,000, considering that making it still requires time, effort, and a different level of completion.

Well, it's time for you to try making Ugly Cake!