Unexpected Creativity & Irresistible Flavor in Steamed Watermelon Cake

Elmer 13 Oktober 2023, Common Knowledge
Unexpected Creativity & Irresistible Flavor in Steamed Watermelon Cake

Watermelon steamed cake stands out as a unique variant in the baking world by combining the softness of steamed cake with the charming, fresh, and appealing watermelon motif. Steamed watermelon cake is perfect as a snack, a business idea, or an additional menu for special occasions. Its preparation isn't far from the typical steamed cake, using ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs.

In Elmer Chocolate's Watermelon Steamed Cake recipe, you'll find the use of only 4 eggs, yet the final result still boasts a tender texture. The secret lies in Bakerline SP Maxi 68 Cake Emulsifier, a cake emulsifier that helps the dough rise more quickly, increases dough volume, yields a softer cake texture, and extends the cake's shelf life. Despite the extended shelf life, its delicious taste and captivating appearance will prompt anyone to quickly devour it!

Watermelon steamed cake is usually crafted in a round mold for serving as a whole cake or in special steamed cake molds for snack boxes. This cake can be diversified with additions like Elmer Chocochip Dark and Elmer Meses Dark to introduce even more variety. It presents an intriguing and unique business opportunity. You can sell steamed watermelon cake through a purchase order system for special events or offer it in pastry shops, cafes, online platforms, markets, bazaars, and more. Eager to make it at home, right? Follow the tutorial on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.