Tips to Make Cookies

Elmer 17 Maret 2023, Tips And Tricks
Tips to Make Cookies

Cookies are a type of snack that is popular with baking lovers from children to adults. Cookies come from the Dutch language, Koekje, which means small cakes. This snack is known for its small shape, crunchy texture, and sweet taste.

Ingredients for making cookies consist of binders such as flour, water, powdered milk, eggs, and egg whites, as well as softening such as sugar, shortening or margarine, baking powder, and egg yolks. Among all these ingredients, flour, sugar, and fat are the determining factors for the tenderness and softness of cookies.

The recommended use of flour is low protein flour to produce a slightly darker color and a crunchy texture. The sugar content in the cookie dough must also be considered carefully because it will result in a harder surface and a too-sweet taste if you add too much sugar.

In addition, the more sugar used, the shorter the baking time so it doesn't burn due to caramelization. In making cookies, Elmer Lovers is advised to use Bakerline Icing Sugar because it is easily mixed with other ingredients and produces a crunchy texture with tiny pores.

Elmer Lovers must pay attention to the fat content in cookies. Fat is a component that influences texture and flavor. The right fat composition will produce cookies that are crunchy, tasty, and shiny in color. Conversely, the excessive composition will cause the cookies to expand and quickly crumble. Therefore, make sure Elmer Lovers follows the ingredients and steps given by the creators of the recipe to get maximum results.

The process of making cookies consists of the stages of making dough, printing, and baking. In the early stages, sugar, margarine, eggs, milk, and salt are whipped to form a cream, then mixed with flour and baking powder. All of these ingredients are shaken until smooth and homogeneous. Then, the dough can be printed according to taste in all varied forms. In the final stage, the cookie dough will be baked in the oven at 180 – 200 degrees Celsius for around 16 – 20 minutes.

The oven used is not allowed to get too hot when the dough is added. This can cause the outside of the cookie to cook too quickly, hinder development, and crack the surface of the cookie. Cookies should be cooled immediately after going through the baking process. This is to lower the temperature and minimize the hardening of cookies due to the solidification of sugar and fat.

If Elmer Lovers wants to make cookies right away, now is the time to see the tutorials available on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel. The inspiration for the cookies is varied and made in an easy process that Elmer Lovers can follow.