Three Red and White Cake Recipes for August 17th!

Elmer 01 Juli 2022, Common Knowledge
Three Red and White Cake Recipes for August 17th!

Welcoming Independence Day is one of the most awaited moments. There are many ways to welcome and commemorate it, one of which is by making various red and white creations to be eaten with family or sold to beloved customers.

Elmer Lovers can also share your red and white cake creations with residents who are participating in the 17 August contest!

Elmer Chocolate has summarized three cake creations that can be made at home. Anti-complicated and delicious, of course, the main factor

Domino Cake

Super soft chocolate sponge cake by Chef Diana Cahya, brand ambassador of Elmer Chocolate. This creation is embellished with red and white decoration from Elmer Chocorice Red and Elmer Chocorice White with a simple but elegant pattern. The recipe can be found here. The recipe can be found here.

Red Velvet Cheese Dessert Box

Dessert boxes have become one of the favorite snacks for culinary lovers and there is nothing wrong with this as a menu to welcome Indonesian Independence. If this is Elmer Lovers choice of rebake, check out the tutorial here.

Red Velvet Roll Cake

Sponge roll lovers close up! There is Red Velvet Roll Cake which has a moist texture, delicious and unique taste, and attractive visuals. A menu that can't be missed to welcome the 17th of August. Let's see the tutorial below.

Those are three creations that can be made at home. For more inspiration, don't hesitate to check the Elmer Chocolate Official Youtube channel, Instagram Elmer Chocolate and Elmer Innovation and TikTok @elmerchocolateofficial because there are inspirations and interesting baking tips to serve at home.