Three Classic Christmas Baking Recipe Ideas

Elmer 14 Desember 2023, Common Knowledge
Three Classic Christmas Baking Recipe Ideas

These special recipes will bring warmth into the house. The cold Christmas weather doesn't dampen the spirits of Elmer Lovers as they prepare these treats for their beloved families. Surprisingly, these three creations have always been favorites from generation to generation in every Christmas moment. The best part of celebrating Christmas is gathering around a table full of special dishes. Here are some timeless special baking recipes. 

Yule Log Cake

Known as "bûche de Noël" in French, the Yule Log Cake is a rolled cake inspired by ancient celebration traditions involving the burning of a tree log on Christmas Eve. This cake combines sponge and rolled cream or ganache, adorned with forest-themed decorations. This motif makes the Yule Log Cake iconic. It's no wonder this cake has become a dessert closely associated with Christmas traditions in various countries, as it recalls the warmth of this special night.

Gingerbread Cookies

Originating from Europe in the Middle Ages, gingerbread was initially created as a remedy for health complaints. Over time, gingerbread recipes evolved, becoming a beloved dish, especially during the Christmas holiday season. This recipe combines spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to provide a distinctive warm flavor. The shapes and decorations of gingerbread cookies can vary widely! Using royal icing, which can be mixed with various colors, allows for the creation of unique and appealing gingerbread decorations. Gingerbread cookies aren't just delicious treats; they symbolize tradition, togetherness, and family warmth.

Cranberry Orange Bread

The captivating flavor harmony of Cranberry Orange Bread leaves the entire household in awe. The combination of sweet cranberries and fresh oranges creates an incredible taste with every bite. This recipe typically consists of a mix of flour, sugar, eggs, oil, grated orange zest, fresh orange juice, dried cranberries, baking powder, and baking soda as leavening agents. Its soft and moist texture, along with its delicious taste, makes the Christmas moment even warmer and happier.

The Christmas baking moment isn't just about satisfying results; it's about togetherness and happiness with loved ones. It's time for Elmer Lovers to schedule baking sessions with their families. For ongoing Christmas inspirations, check out the Elmer Chocolate Official Channel