The Best Way to Create Chocolate Button Cookies

Elmer 14 April 2023, Tips And Tricks
The Best Way to Create Chocolate Button Cookies

Snack lovers will love Chocolate Button Cookies, a type of cookie that has a chocolate button in the middle of it. The crunchy texture and sweet taste make these cookies suitable for dessert. Currently, there are many creations from Chocolate Button Cookies ranging from crunchy, soft, thick, and thin textures and varied appearances. There are also many ways to enjoy these cookies such as eating them straight, dipping them in milk, and adding ice cream.

One of the ingredients for making Chocolate Button Cookies is the chocolate button itself. Elmer provides two variants of Elmer Chocolate Button for easier baking needs and great results. The eating quality is good, the taste of chocolate is distinctive & delicious, and the aroma is strong. The button-like shape provides extra convenience in the baking process, both when melt it and use as decoration for Chocolate Button Cookies. Elmer Chocolate Button consists of two variants, Elmer Chocolate Button El Ghana and Decora.

Elmer Chocolate Button El Ghana

Elmer Chocolate Button El Ghana is very easy to melt without a long process. This product can be melted by the au bain marie process or heated in the microwave every 30 seconds. Its application is usually used as ganache, cake and brownie mixes, cake decorations, pralines, and other creations. This product is perfect for housewives and businesses who want to make chocolate creations easily.


Elmer Chocolate Button Decora

Elmer Chocolate Button Decora is one of the superior products to be applied to decorating cookies. It is baked stable so it doesn't melt easily. Therefore, this product is suitable for making Chocolate Button Cookies which will be eaten as a snack, selling ideas, or as hampers for your beloved friends and relatives. Elmer Lovers no longer need to cut small chocolate bars and then stick them on top of the cookies, instead use Elmer Chocolate Button Decora one by one on top of the cookies. This method is more practical with fantastic results.


These two products have been highly recommended by cake ingredient shops and businesses. So, Elmer Lovers shouldn't hesitate to get creative with Elmer Chocolate Button. Enjoy shopping at the nearest cake ingredients store or online store!