Snow White Cake Business, Eid Fitri Mainstay Cookies

Elmer 29 April 2022, Common Knowledge
Snow White Cake Business, Eid Fitri Mainstay Cookies

Try to mention one of the mainstay pastries in the month of Ramadan and Eid, Snow White cake is always an option. The best option for SMEs and bakeries because these pastries are always a family favorite before Eid.

This cake is not only popular in Indonesia and is a characteristic of Ramadan or Eid, but also popular in Germany and Austria with the name Vanillekipferl as a characteristic of Christmas celebrations in both countries.

Snow White Cake is known as one of the most popular butter cookies, both because of its taste and because of its shape that can be made in various ways. Although many people are familiar with the round and crescent shape of Snow White Cake, there are also those who make it using cookie cutters with tree shapes and others.

In addition to the varied shapes, another thing that makes this cake attract attention is the color that is different from other pastries. The white color that covers the entire surface of this cake causes it to be called Snow White Cake. Elmer Lovers can apply Bakerline Donut Dusting as a sprinkle so that it is not easily absorbed, not easily lost, and gives a cold sensation. Definitely makes the cake more delicious!

Now Elmer Lovers know better, that Snow White Cake is a characteristic of Christmas in Germany and Austria, while in Indonesia it is a characteristic of Eid. One of the snacks that must be served at the family dining table. What's more, Eid is just around the corner. Let's take a look Snow White Cookies by Elmer.