Resting and Proofing, What to Do?

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Resting and Proofing, What to Do?

If you are a person who likes baking, of course you are used to making bread, and are familiar with the terms resting and proofing. These two terms have an important role to produce bread that expands optimally and has the desired texture. However, there are still people who are confused about these two terms and when resting and proofing are done.

Well, if that's your problem, then this article will be very useful!


Resting is a temporary rest time for the dough so that the dough is more relaxed. This process is carried out after the dough is smooth. This stage is important to do to facilitate the handling of the dough in the next stage.

Resting is considered as the first stage of fermentation which is usually carried out for 5–10 minutes before the cutting and dividing stages. The reason is as mentioned above, the dough that has been rested will be more relaxed and easy to shape, making it easier for bakers to make bread dough.


On the other hand, proofing or final fermentation is the process of expanding the dough to double or reach an optimal size. The characteristics of proofing are an increase in volume, an increase in dough temperature, and the formation of flavors from fermentation. This process takes about 45-60 minutes.

The proofing process is carried out after the dough is cut and divided and before the baking process. In this process, we need to make sure that the dough is not overproofing or overfermenting as this can cause the layers of dough to separate.

But remember, it's not only overproofing that isn't good, but also that underproofing needs to be avoided for maximum results. If these two things happen, the bread dough will not rise properly when baked.

Of course, Elmer lovers don't want the resulting bread to have a texture that is too dense with a smaller size than it should be, right? Therefore, make sure Elmer Lovers follow the stages of making bread one by one according to the recipe given so that the bread produced can be maximized so that it can be served for the family. This can also be used as a selling idea later.

If you need bread creation inspiration, feel free to check the Elmer Chocolate Official Youtube channel. One of the bread creations can be checked below.