Recipe Watermelon Steamed Cake

Elmer 20 Oktober 2023, Recipe
Recipe Watermelon Steamed Cake

Watermelon Steamed Cake is a combination of super soft steamed cake with a refreshing watermelon motif. Its vibrant color and watermelon seed pattern that looks just like the real thing makes this creation unique and tantalizing. This Watermelon Steamed Cake, inspired by Elmer Chocolate, uses only 4 eggs, but the end result remains soft and moist! Are you curious about how to make it? Check out the recipe below.



Ingredients A

150 gr Granulated Sugar

4 whole Eggs

    3 gr Vanilla

  15 gr Bakerline SP Maxi 68

250 gra Medium Protein Flour


Ingredient B

250 gr Coconut Milk


Ingredients C

60 grams Elmer Vista Festival Raspberry

25 grams Elmer Vista Festival Green Tea

25 grams Elmer Vista Festival Banana


Ingredients D

50 gr Elmer Chocochip Dark Regular

  5 gr Sesame Seeds



1. Mix all ingredients from A until thick and fluffy, then add Ingredients B.

2. Divide the batter into three parts. Mix each part with the respective melted Ingredient C.

3. For the Elmer Vista Festival Raspberry variant, add 700 grams of batter, then add 150 grams of batter for Elmer Vista Festival Green Tea, and similarly for Elmer Vista Festival Banana. Add food coloring as needed.

4. Grease the baking pan with butter, then sprinkle with sesame seeds. For the Elmer Chocochip Dark Regular variant, sprinkle per layer.

5. Steam until cooked and ready to be served.



Let's make Watermelon Steamed Cake one of your selling ideas! Enjoy trying out this recipe at home, Elmer Lovers.