Recipe Strawberry Excellent Smoothies

Elmer 24 November 2023, Recipe
Recipe Strawberry Excellent Smoothies

Hot weather is perfect for drinking smoothies, don't you agree?

Smoothies served coldly are indeed suitable to be one of the snacks in hot weather! This drink has a smooth texture and a refreshing creamy taste because it is made from a mixture of various ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, milk, and more. All the ingredients are usually blended together in a blender until they reach a smooth consistency. Want to know how to make a simple and delicious smoothie? Let's check the recipe below until the end.



Ingredient A

  75 gr Bakerline Violetta Strawberry

100 gr Strawberries

  75 gr Plain Yogurt

  45 gr Cold Water

  30 gr Liquid Sugar

Ingredient B

40 gr Fresh milk



1. Mix all ingredients A, then blend until well mixed.

2. Add fresh milk, then blend again.



Ingredient A

25 gr Chia Seeds

60 gr LFresh Milk

Ingredient B

35 gr Aloe Vera

30 gr Elmer Crispy Ball Strawberry

20 gr Yoghurt



1. Mix ingredient A, and stir until well combined.



100 gr Instant Boba

30 gr Palm Sugar

200 gr Water


1. Boil water and palm sugar until dissolved or boiling.

2. Add instant boba, then stir until the boba is cooked.

3. After cooking, remove and strain.



1. Add the cooked boba.

2. Add chia seeds soaked in fresh milk.

3. Add aloe vera, Elmer Crispy Ball Strawberry, and yoghurt.

4. Finally, add the prepared smoothie.

5. Strawberry Excellent Smoothie is ready to be served.

Enjoy trying this at home with your family!