Recipe Gorerro Crumb Cookies

Elmer 07 Maret 2024, Recipe
Recipe Gorerro Crumb Cookies


Here's the latest creation from Elmer for selling cookie snacks leading up to Eid 2024. This creation is made from cookie crumbs, the latest product from the sister brand PT Federal Food Internusa, Goodrich Gorerro Crumb series, along with other ingredients that make it crunchier and more delicious. There are five variants for you to explore. Check out the recipe below:




Ingredients A

50 g Margarine

50 g Butter

65 g Bakerline Icing Sugar

Ingredients B

1 Egg yolk

75 g Gorerro Crumb Black or other variants

25 g Cheddar cheese

  1 g Baking powder

Ingredients C

125 g Low-protein flour

Ingredients D

2 g Elmer Cocoa Powder Af. Black 10-12%

Topping Ingredients

Elmer Dip Rocky Dark/White

Elmer Vista Festival Greentea

Bakerline Violetta Excellent Strawberry

Goodrich Gorerro Crumb series (black, strawberry, tiramisu, chocolate, greentea, red velvet, caramel)



1. Beat ingredients from Part A until they turn pale and creamy.

2. Add Part B ingredients and mix until well combined.

3. Add Part C ingredients and mix again until well combined.

4. Weigh the dough into @10g, shape it into rounds, flatten the dough, then sprinkle Gorerro Crumb around the edges. Place and arrange the dough on a baking sheet. (For Strawberry flavor, directly top it with Bakerline Violetta Excellent Strawberry).

5. Bake the dough in the oven at 160?C for ±20 minutes until cooked.



This Eid could be different because you provide various simple yet tasty cookies using the Goodrich Gorerro Crumb series. Happy trying!