Recipe Cream Cheese Red Velvet Pudding Pie

Elmer 03 November 2023, Recipe
Recipe Cream Cheese Red Velvet Pudding Pie

What does Pie remind you of?

People often refer to Pie as a pastry made from dough filled with various ingredients, such as fruits, meat, or nuts. Well, this time, Elmer Chocolate will provide inspiration for a Pie filled with frosting cream and pudding. A recipe that you should try at home to enjoy with your family. Hey, this recipe can also be used as a menu for selling! Let's check out the recipe below.


Ingredient A

200 gr Westland Butter Blend

  50 gr Bakerline Icing Sugar

Ingredient B

1 pc Egg

Ingredient C

350 gr Medium Protein Wheat Flour

    3 gr Milk Powder

    4 gr Vanilla Paste

How to Make Pie

1. Whisk ingredient A until well mixed.

2. Gradually add ingredient B.

3. Add sifted ingredient C.

4. Mold into an 18cm pie mold, bake at 160°C for 15 minutes.



Ingredient A

150 gr Cream Cheese

  70 gr Bakerline Icing Sugar

  25 gr Elmer Filling Pasta Cheese

Ingredient B

5 gr Medium Protein Flour

Ingredient C

35 gr Westland Butter Blend

30 gr Elmer Dip Glaze Red Velvet


How to Make Frosting Cream

1. Mix ingredient A until creamy.

2. Add sifted ingredient B, then add ingredient C.

3. Pipe into the Pie, then put it in the chiller.



Ingredient A

500 gr Fresh Milk

  40 gr Granulated Sugar

    1 pc Agar-Agar

  25 gr Elmer Dip Glaze Red Velvet


How to Make:

1. Mix ingredient A until well combined, then cook until boiling.

2. Wait until it's lukewarm, then pour it into the Pie already filled with frosting cream.

There are three stages to go through to enjoy this Cream Cheese Red Velvet Pudding Pie, but these stages are worth trying!