Recipe Classic Nastar

Elmer 18 Januari 2024, Recipe
Recipe Classic Nastar

This cake is often sought after during special occasions like Christmas and Eid, round in shape, yellow in color, crispy in texture, and of course, filled with pineapple jam. Its round shape symbolizes unity and continuity of tradition! The cake in question is Nastar, a culinary heritage passed down from generation to generation to be served at significant celebrations. Its distinct deliciousness and sweet, legit flavor make it eagerly anticipated by food enthusiasts and families.

Elmer Chocolate will inspire a classic Nastar recipe with a soft filling that doesn't easily crack. Curious, right? Let's take a look at the recipe below:





Ingredients A

200 gr Butter 

100 gr Margarine

  75 gr Bakerline Icing Sugar

Ingredients B

1 Egg

1 Egg yolk

Ingredients C

500 gr Medium Protein Wheat Flour

  40 gr Milk Powder


4 Egg yolks

30 gr Condensed milk

Yellow food coloring (as needed)


Glaze Preparation:

1. Mix all the ingredients until well combined.



2 ripe Pineapples (medium-sized)

250 gr Granulated Sugar

    4 gr Cloves

3 sticks Cinnamon (5cm)


Filling Preparation:

1. Peel the pineapples, then finely grate them, and cook the pineapple.

2. Add cinnamon sticks and cloves, stir, and cook until the liquid reduces. Add granulated sugar, and cook until the pineapple jam turns brownish/caramelized.

3. Let it cool, weigh the jam @5gr and shape it into balls. Store it in an airtight container and put it in the chiller.


How to make the Nastar dough:

1. Beat ingredients A until creamy.

2. Slowly add ingredients B one by one while continuing to beat.

3. Mix in sifted ingredients C into mixture A, stir until well combined.

4. Cut and shape the dough @10gr, fill with the jam @5gr, then cover and shape the dough into balls again.

5. Place and arrange them on a baking sheet previously greased with Firlo Oles Loyang.

6. Bake the dough in an oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes, then remove the nastar, immediately glaze the entire surface evenly.

7. Put it back in the oven, then bake for about 5 minutes.

8. Glaze the entire surface evenly again and bake for another 5 minutes.

9. Once baked, transfer the nastar onto a cooling rack.

10. Wait for the nastar to cool down, then transfer to jars.

Note: The yield is for 4 jars of 250gr each




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