PT Federal Food Internusa Adds Excitement to SIAL Interfood 2023

Elmer 15 November 2023, Common Knowledge
PT Federal Food Internusa Adds Excitement to SIAL Interfood 2023

The largest food and beverage exhibition in Indonesia, SIAL Interfood, took place from 08 to November 11, 2023, at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. According to the CEO of Krista Exhibition, Daud D. Salim, this annual exhibition experienced a 20% increase in participants compared to 2022. This year, SIAL Interfood was attended by 895 companies and 100 SMEs from 20 different countries.

PT Federal Food Internusa was one of the local companies that added vibrancy to the event by showcasing its brands such as Elmer Chocolate, Bakerline, Dunia Chocolate, and Plaza. The event served as a platform to introduce chocolate and bakery ingredients to customers and participants through inspiring creations. The showcased creations were the work of professional chefs in their field, including Chef Achen Ny Liem, Chef Diana Cahya, and Chef Kleyo Sugarpaste. In addition, all technical chefs from PT Federal Food Internusa were also present to provide inspiration for simple and trendy selling ideas.

In line with our tagline, "Our Passion is to Make Your Business Grow," PT Federal Food Internusa is committed to supporting the business development of its customers by creating innovative and creative products, providing 1001 product variants, and being a one-stop solutions company that meets every baking need. Customers attending the event came not only from Jabodetabek but also from Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, Bali, and other regions. We welcomed their arrival with great joy. This moment was unforgettable and enjoyable as it served as a gathering place for us, as principals, to meet with our customers.

To welcome our customers, we provided product information, attractive promotions, prize games, and inspirational baking demos. Additionally, we offered information on free consultations and training, including:

  1. European, Asian Style, and Local Bread
  2. Viennoiserie Technique
  3. Frozen Techniques
  4. Cakes - Sponge, Chiffon, Butter Cake
  5. Cookies - Soft and Hard Cookies


We hope that our presence was beneficial to every customer and business participant in attendance. Do not hesitate to get to know and contact us on social media or other channels. PT Federal Food Internusa is delighted to provide the best service to you.