Private Hands-On Baking Demo Viennoiseries, Collaboration between PT FFI and PT ADA

Elmer 29 Februari 2024, Common Knowledge
Private Hands-On Baking Demo Viennoiseries, Collaboration between PT FFI and PT ADA

Viennoiserie is an art and tradition. It originated from the coffee culture influence in Vienna, Austria, in the 19th century, introduced by Polish workers in Vienna's bakery industry. The viennoiserie baking process involves techniques that create thin and crispy layers, and the laminating process gives it a distinctive texture and tempting aroma. Some results of this technique include croissants, pain au chocolat, and danish pastries.

Croissants have become the most recognized icon of viennoiserie worldwide, pain au chocolat provides the savory taste of croissants and the sweetness of chocolate, beloved by cake enthusiasts, and danish pastries offer a layered variety that can be filled with various fruit jams, nuts, or spices. All three have an allure, rich flavor, and charming appearance.

The viennoiserie technique has evolved and spread nationwide, with many modern pastry shops and cafes creating new creations in this category. It's no wonder that many academies or baking centers offer classes to learn these viennoiserie techniques to ensure constant innovation, including PT Federal Food Internusa and PT Anugrah Dinamis Adirasa.

On January 25, 2024, both companies successfully held a private hands-on baking demo with the theme "All About Viennoiserie." The material and tutorials provided were detailed and diverse, covering various viennoiserie categories (croissants, pain au chocolate & pain au raisins, cromboloni & cronogiri, assorted fruit danish, cheese sticks), folding method variations, frozen dough techniques, food costing, and bread making & science consultations.

The material was presented by Chef Santoni, a practitioner, academician, and professional technical advisor with years of experience in the pastry field. Chef Santoni provided direct education to the participants who attended the Elmer Chocolate baking center in Pluit, North Jakarta, and gave detailed tutorials on the manufacturing process using modern tools tailored to the needs of this event.


"Yesterday's Hands-On Viennoiserie was exciting, very satisfying. Many viennoiserie models were taught, and Chef Santoni explained each step repeatedly from mixing the basic ingredients to the final product. Thank you, Elmer Baking Center, for the opportunity. I can learn directly from Elmer's expert chefs and bring home a lot of Elmer's Goodiebag!!!!"


This is one of the testimonials given by a participant. Participants who attended were not only interested in the baking world but also business owners looking to develop their menu. We hope this event can provide significant and beneficial contributions to the development of SMEs and bakeries.