Practical Tips for Beautifying Chocolate Truffles

Elmer 26 April 2022, Tips And Tricks
Practical Tips for Beautifying Chocolate Truffles

Don't judge a book from its cover.

Although the outer appearance is not the main option for making purchasing decisions, the appearance is the first thing that is seen by customers. So, make sure to provide a beautiful and attractive appearance so that customers do not hesitate to choose the products offered.

Chocolate truffles will look even more special with the toppings that cover them! Chocolate truffles are one of the favorite culinary business menus that are widely sold online and offline. Many businesses offer chocolate truffles as snacks and gifts for customers. If Elmer Lovers is still a beginner in making this snack, just check the Elmer Chocolate Official youtube channel for inspiration and tutorials.

Check the video below:

Currently, chocolate truffles are not only round in shape and only made from ganache, but are given various toppings that are appetizing and attract the attention of customers. In the past, it was only coated with chopped nuts, now there are many chocolate decorations that make chocolate truffle creations even more varied.

Cocoa powder

Appear more elegant with a sprinkling of cocoa powder, chocolate truffles will be felt to have a dominant chocolate taste. Elmer Lovers can use Elmer Cocoa Powder Af. Red 10-12% or Af. Red 20-24% as an option.


Chocolate compound block that has been shaved small will give a different look and texture to chocolate truffles. This option certainly needs to be considered, Elmer Lovers! The available chocolates are Elmer Compound Dark, White, Tropical Rhapsody & Vista Festival, and Special Flavored. 

Assorted Chocolate Decoration

Of course, there are still many other choices, starting from chocolate sprinkles, sugar sprinkles, crumbs, choco flakes, and others. These decorative chocolates are also available at Elmer Chocolate.

The options above can make it easier to beautify chocolate truffles. Elmer Lovers doesn't need complicated ingredients! So, which topping is your favorite?