Pie vs Tart: What's the Difference Between the Two

Elmer 10 November 2023, Common Knowledge
Pie vs Tart: What's the Difference Between the Two

Pie and Tart are often considered similar pastries. Several factors contribute to this perception in society, such as their everyday usage. People often use the terms interchangeably without considering the technical differences. Additionally, some variations of Pie and Tart may share a similar appearance in terms of filling or toppings, like fruit pies and fruit tarts. It's no wonder that many people view them as the same creation. Are Elmer Lovers among them?

It's important to know that Pie and Tart are different types of pastries, especially in terms of crust, shape, preparation, and usage.

Crust Structure

Pie crusts are thicker and their fillings consist of various types of dough, such as butter-based pie crusts. On the other hand, tart crusts are thinner and more delicate, made from a buttery dough that gives them a crispy texture.


Pies have a larger and deeper shape, typically filled with fruits, meats, or puddings. Conversely, tarts tend to be smaller and flatter, often filled with cream, custard, or fruits.

Preparation Process

Pies are usually baked in larger containers with deep edges to accommodate more filling. In contrast, tarts are baked in flat tart pans with lower edges, providing a more proportional appearance.


Pie fillings can be varied, including fruits, meats, nuts, and more, making them suitable as both main courses and desserts. Tart fillings are more delicate, such as custard, cream, or fresh fruits, offering a more diverse range of flavors suitable for serving as desserts or snacks.


After understanding these differences, it is hoped that Elmer Lovers can appreciate the uniqueness of each because both offer appealing appearances and delightful flavors.