New Look: Elmer Compound Dark Classic

Elmer 19 Mei 2023, Common Knowledge
New Look: Elmer Compound Dark Classic

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods for many people, starting from home scale, MSMEs, bakeries, and confectionery. In Indonesia, the type of chocolate that is most widely used and in demand is compound chocolate because it is more resistant to Indonesia's tropical temperatures, making it easier to process and apply to various baking creations. In addition, the use of compound chocolate can be more affordable, making it more efficient in terms of production costs and easy to handle without the need for a tempering process.

Elmer Compound Dark Classic is a type of compound chocolate, the best item from PT. Federal Food Internusa, which is produced using modern equipment and quality raw materials. It also has been certified halal and registered with BPOM. Therefore, our customers like housewives, business people, to professionals, have no doubts about using this product for their baking needs.

Elmer Compound Dark Classic has a bittersweet taste, intense color, and a glossy and smooth finish. This product is usually used as a basic ingredient for making cakes, brownies, puddings, and ice cream. Other applications include pralines, ganache, and decorations for various baking creations with easy handling and fast processing. If Elmer Lovers wants to know the inspiration for Elmer Compound Dark Classic, check out the Elmer Chocolate Official channel right away because there are lots of inspirations that can be used as your snack menus and sales that bring in cash.

Currently, Elmer Compound Dark Classic is in the latest packaging which is more luxurious and informative. There is superior information, serving suggestions, and how to use it that can help customers identify and apply this chocolate product. In addition, this packaging can show the elegant and luxurious side of Elmer Compound Dark Classic products and applications in every creation that is served.

Good luck and prepare it in your kitchen so you can be creative anytime.