List of Customers' Favorite Martabak Toppings

Elmer 29 Juli 2022, Common Knowledge
List of Customers' Favorite Martabak Toppings

Martabak is a food that is often found in Indonesia. Martabak’s business opportunities are still wide open and profitable because of high market interest. This is undeniable because martabak is one of the favorite dishes of Indonesian citizens, from various circles.

Martabak, especially the sweet martabak, is often associated with appetizing and mouth-watering toppings. Currently, martabak toppings are not only available in classic variants such as nuts, chocorice, cheese, or sweetened condensed milk, but also contemporary toppings that add value to martabak.

Check out the list of customers' favorite contemporary martabak toppings!


Chocorice is one of the most familiar martabak toppings eaten by customers. Even so, the chocorice martabak has an alluring delicious taste, giving a chocolate sensation that melts in the mouth. One of the quality chocorice that can be used as a martabak topping is Elmer Dark Chocorice which consists of Ghana, Classic, Tropical Gold GM, and Vista grades. The color of the chocolate is dark, the taste of chocolate is strong, and it looks shiny.


Martabak is not only eaten in a folded form, nowadays martabak has been eaten in the form of pizza with various appetizing toppings. One of the toppings that is usually given is fruit jam ranging from strawberry, blueberry, or pineapple. If the jam you are looking for is a refreshing fruit jam with a strong fruity taste, Bakerline Violetta Strawberry and Blueberry is the answer.

Crunchy Spreads

This spread that has a crunchy texture can be an interesting topping idea! Especially if it is available in many variants such as the Elmer Spread Crunchy series. Folded martabak and pizza martabak can be made more contemporary and not boring with a touch of Elmer Spread Crunchy Chocomaltine, Chocolava, Green Tea, Taro, Cheese, Avocado, Tiramisu, and Cappuccino toppings.

This list of toppings can make creations not monotonous, because of the various variants and flavors, so that customers can avoid getting bored in trying the martabak that Elmer Lovers sells.

If Elmer Lovers need inspiration for making martabak ala Elmer, check out the video below.