Important! Tips to Prevent Runny Pudding!

Elmer 11 Maret 2022, Tips And Tricks
Important! Tips to Prevent Runny Pudding!

Who doesn't love pudding? This dessert has become a favorite of many people. Apart from being easy to make, pudding has a sweet taste, suitable as a dessert for cold-sweet food after a heavy meal, and as a snack when relaxing at home.

Even though it's easy, the process of making pudding still has to be done carefully so that the pudding that we make doesn't get runny easily. If the pudding is already runny, the enjoyment will be reduced for sure!

Pudding is usually runny because it has been stored in the refrigerator for too long or in an open space. Another cause could be due to improper cooking methods. Well, for Elmer Lovers who are worried that the pudding will be runny, you should refer to the information on the tips below.

Water dose

To avoid runny pudding, make sure the amount of water does not exceed the amount stated in the serving suggestion, even reduce it slightly from what is specified. For example, the water listed on the package is 500 ml, so Elmer Lovers just add 400 ml of water. This is to keep the pudding from containing too much water.

Cooking process

The cooking process is also one of the processes that is considered so that the pudding is not runny. Pudding dough needs to be cooked until it boils to produce a dense pudding texture.

Serve immediately!

Pudding is a dessert that has a 'soft' texture, so it is advisable not to store the pudding for too long but to serve it immediately so that the texture of the pudding is still in its best condition.

Don't cover when it's still hot

Do not cover when the pudding is still hot, but should be covered when the pudding has cooled. This is to avoid the presence of steam which makes the pudding runny.

Storage in the refrigerator

To store pudding in the refrigerator, make sure the pudding is cold or not hot anymore. Pudding is also not recommended to be stored in the freezer because it will create ice crystals which will make the pudding runny.

Don't keep it too long!

Don't keep the pudding for a long time, Elmer Lovers! Pudding that has been stored for too long will not feel fresh anymore and start to runny. Therefore, do not let the pudding stay in the refrigerator for days so that it does not runny.

Fruit pudding

If Elmer Lovers are fruit pudding lovers, then the fruit must be ensured to be dry before putting it in the mold. This is to avoid the addition of liquid to the pudding mixture.

So, those are the tips and tricks so that the pudding is not runny. Let's make the pudding right away! Check Lychee Pudding Neapolitan and Taro Choco Layer Pudding recipe for inspiration to make a contemporary pudding