How to Start an Online Business for Beginners in 2023

Elmer 24 Februari 2023, Common Knowledge
How to Start an Online Business for Beginners in 2023

Online business trends have great and promising opportunities for businessmen or businesswomen in this digital era. Those who can adopt, then they will get the benefits and profits from this business. Unfortunately, not everyone has the right information and doesn't know where to start. Therefore, check out the information below to get the right information about how to do business online!

Online business has become one of the favorite choices in running a business from year to year. Every year, the interest in shopping online is increasing because many customers shop through online stores either through social media, e-commerce, or marketplaces.

The marketplace is an online shopping platform that brings together sellers and buyers without meeting physically. Both parties can transact on the marketplace and businesses can take advantage of commissions from each sale. After knowing the advantages of doing business online, it's time for Elmer Lovers to add information about tips and steps that need to be considered when opening an online business.

Identifying the Type of Business

This is an important step because beginners need to consider the type of business they will be running, from food, clothing, electronics, and more. Elmer Lovers can start by writing down special preferences or skills offered to other people. For example, if you like baking then you can offer a menu of cakes, bakeries, pastries, and others.

Market Research and Analyze Targeted Customers

Market research is conducted to find out similar products that have been sold by competitors. This is important so that we know how to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and opportunities of the products. Elmer Lovers can list down the points such as the number of items sold, prices, services provided, promotions carried out, and estimated targeted competitor's customers.

Targeting customers that match the product will really help business development. If Elmer Lovers knows who will buy the products and what they need, then the business points from the results of market research can be designed more easily and the chances of the product being accepted by the market will be greater. Some things that need to be known from target customers are age, gender, occupation, income, lifestyle, interests or hobbies, and pain points faced.

Determine the Platform Used for Selling

As a beginner, not all platforms can be used because there are limited resources. In addition, not all platforms match the type of business offered, so you need to focus on the appropriate platform. If Elmer Lovers sells products/goods, then the marketplace will be more suitable. Conversely, if you offer services, then social media should be considered as the main platform.

Even so, Elmer Lovers can combine social media with marketplaces! Make the best use of the features available on the marketplace so that the promotion and selling process can be optimized. Social media can be used to promote products and direct them to the marketplace so that the results can be more significant.