How to Pack Cookies to Delivering It Safely

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How to Pack Cookies to Delivering It Safely

Towards the month of Ramadhan, there are many purchases of cookies to be served at home and sent to beloved friends and relatives. These cookies will be enjoyed at the moment of Eid when all the family is together and neighbors are visiting the house. For hampers of cookies to be sent to loved ones, Elmer Lovers can't just send them carelessly!

Incorrect packaging will make the cookies destroyed when they get to their destination. Cookies have a crunchy texture and are easily damaged, so the shipment needs to be taken care of properly from the packing process to the shipping process. Many people think that bubble wrap and thick cardboard are not enough, another important thing is the cake arrangement. Make sure there is no empty space in the cookie jar so that it is tight and does not shake easily. The arrangement of each cookie is different, for example, nastar is better arranged in a box-shaped jar to make it tighter, while kastengel is suitable to be arranged standing up so there are no voids.

When shipping the cookies, make sure that cookies that do not crumble easily are placed on the bottom so as not to put pressure on the cakes that weigh less. Once it's in a jar, seal it thoroughly with tape a few times so it doesn't come off easily. After that, cover the jar with several layers of bubble wrap and wrap it with thick cardboard to reduce pressure and not crush easily.

These methods can avoid damaging shipping cookies. This method also makes it easier for businesses to be able to provide the best service to consumers. If Elmer Lovers wants to make cookies, but is still confused about how to get the inspiration, check out the Elmer Chocolate Official channel. There are lots of easy cookie inspirations there!