Good Bye Broken Sponge Roll, Here are Tips to Produce the Best Sponge Roll

Elmer 13 Mei 2022, Tips And Tricks
Good Bye Broken Sponge Roll, Here are Tips to Produce the Best Sponge Roll

No one wants a sponge roll, which has been made, ends up breaking and crumbling, right?

One of the challenges in making Sponge Rolls is the process of rolling them, right after the Sponge Rolls are baked or steamed. If the process is not careful, then the rolls you get will not be optimal. Therefore, there are some tips that can be applied to get a sponge roll that is not easily broken and destroyed.

Pay attention to the thickness of the rolls

The thickness of the sponge roll affects the ease of the rolling process! When making sponge rolls, it is recommended that it is about 3-4 cm thick for a size of about 30x30 cm. The thinner the thickness, the more rolls there will be. When the rolls are thicker, the rolling process will be difficult.

Pay attention to the baking process

The baking process also needs to be considered, especially in terms of temperature and baking time. For the 30x30 cm sponged rolls with a thickness of about 3-4 cm, it is recommended to bake at an oven temperature of 180 °C for about 15 minutes. If the rolls are too dry, they will break easily.

Prepare the sponge mat and the first step is to roll the sponge

A clean sponge roll mat or baking paper needs to be prepared to place the baked and cooled sponge rolls. This can make the rolling process easier. After placing on the baking paper, cut the front of the sponge with a knife to make the rolling process easier. Remember, only slashed, not cut! Roll the sponge inwards slowly and pull the baking paper that is attached to the sponge while continuing to roll the sponge.

Prepare the scrapper

Push the sponge using a scrapper or other tools such as a sponge bottom to hold the sponge neatly and tightly.

Store the rolls in the chiller

Sponge that has been rolled up needs to be stored in the chiller so that the cream or filling layer has set. In addition, this process will make the rolls stick to the maximum.

Choose a quality cake emulsifier

Cake emulsifier is one of the important ingredients that need to be considered when making sponge rolls. A quality cake emulsifier will help the sponge to be made more moist so that the roll is softer, has a long shelf life, and is easy to roll. Elmer Lovers can use Cake Emulsifier SP Maxi 68 from PT Federal Food Internusa which is available in the best choices.