Get to Know Elmer Dip Rocky, Dip Donut, and Dip Glaze

Elmer 10 Maret 2023, Common Knowledge
Get to Know Elmer Dip Rocky, Dip Donut, and Dip Glaze

Chocolate, can not be denied, is one of the favorite foods for all people. Although initially known as a food for the elite and royalty, the popularity of chocolate spread to many areas and can be enjoyed by many groups. Chocolate innovation continues, which was previously limited to chocolate drinks, chocolate bars, and cocoa powder, now available in a variety of preparations. This is due to the existence of a production system that develops over time.

The delicacy of chocolate often makes people addicted either when consumed directly or processed into special baking. Chocolate is often used as a sweet food and beverage ingredient, including being used as an ingredient in cakes, bakeries and pastries. There are many kinds of chocolate on the market. These chocolates have a specific function in the process of making cakes, bakeries, and pastries.

Types of chocolate include couverture, compound, filling paste, meses, and cocoa powder. There is also chocolate that is used as a dip for various cookies, biscuits, and others. This chocolate dip can be made from chocolate bars or cocoa powder, but it takes a fair amount of time and effort to make. Therefore, Elmer Chocolate provides dipping products that make the baking process easier. Available in three categories, Elmer provides Elmer Dip Rocky, Elmer Dip Donut, and Elmer Dip Glaze.

Elmer Dip Rocky

Elmer Dip Rocky or Elmer Dipping Cookies & Biscuit is one of the featured dipping products at Elmer Chocolate. Its main function is a chocolate dip for cookies, biscuits and wafers. The reason many people choose this product is its resistance to high temperatures, especially in Indonesia.

Elmer Dip Rocky is resistant to temperatures up to 43 degrees Celsius, dries quickly, and doesn't stick to the packaging. This product is a favorite product during Eid and Christmas because many businessmen/businesswomen produce cookies. Cookies that are distributed to various regions are safer and neater when they reach consumers.

Elmer Dip Rocky is available in dark and white. It is easy to handle, just cut it into small pieces and thawed using the au bain marie technique or heating in the microwave. After that, cookies can be dipped quickly and efficiently. If Elmer Lovers needs another color, mix Elmer Dip Rocky White and Elmer Rhapsody Tropical series according to the desired color.

Elmer Dip Donuts

Elmer Dip Donut is a great choice for delicious donut dips and set dips. The varied variants allow businesses to explore creations for selling menus. In addition, its quick setting makes it easy to pack and distribute the donuts.

Elmer Dip Donut does not stick to the packaging so that the packaging can be more affordable, for example using plastic. The process of using it is also easy because it is only cut into small pieces and heated, then it is ready to be used as a donut dip. This product is available in 3kg sizes with dark, white, banana, strawberry, orange, grape, melon and greentea variants. Elmer Lovers no longer need to add additional ingredients because there are many choices that suit the needs. Donut creations are getting prettier and more attractive.

Elmer Dip Glaze

Glaze is known as a topping for various baking creations intended for decoration. There are many creations that can be dipped in glaze such as donuts, churros, fruit, ice cream, banana nuggets, and others. Even though previously making glaze was quite complicated, now glaze can be found easily and used instantly.

Elmer Dip Glaze is a glaze product that is well known to many baking lovers and business people. In addition to the complete variants and affordable prices, there is no doubt about the quality. This is proven by the achievement of Elmer Dip Glaze which won the Top Brand Award for two consecutive years for the glaze/topping category. There are more than ten variants such as dark, white, pandan, red velvet, tiramisu, cappuccino, hazelnut, strawberry, blueberry, avocado, taro, cheese, greentea, and others. Entrepreneurs can make varied, beautiful and attractive creations with this large selection of products.

Elmer Dip Glaze is also known as a multi-application product because it can be applied as chocolate sauce, simple mousse, pudding, ice cream, drinks, dough mixes, and a substitute for fat in cakes and bread. No wonder this product is a favorite.

These three types of chocolate dipping products can be found at bakery ingredients stores or official online stores. If Elmer Lovers want to know more these products, please check the Elmer Chocolate website.