Get to Know Elmer Dip Rocky, Chocolate Dip for Various Cookie Creations

Elmer 03 Maret 2023, Common Knowledge
Get to Know Elmer Dip Rocky, Chocolate Dip for Various Cookie Creations

Counting the months to the moment of Eid. At times like these, cookie businesses are usually already preoccupied with purchase orders from their customers. Some make nastar, snow white cookies, kastangel, chocostick cookies, chocochip cookies, choco button cookies, and others. These various cookies are sent to various areas so that they can be stocked and enjoyed by their beloved customers.

Cookies are sweet snacks in small shapes that are favored by young people and adults. Easy to make and delicious in taste, cookies have always been a favorite snack for daily activities and special moments, such as Eid. There are several types of cookies that are known to the general public, including:

Molded Cookies

The cookie dough is shaped by hand and filled with various favorite fillings such as jam and pasta. Some examples of these cookies are nastar, crescent biscuits, and Cheesy Snow Ball.

Drop Cookies

The dough for making drop cookies is printed using a spoon and dropped on a baking sheet. Drop cookies are referred to as the easiest type of cookies to make because of the easy process. Elmer Lovers can make it at home by following this Chocolate Drop Cookies tutorial!

Rolled Cookies

In the process of making rolled cookies, the dough is placed on the table, rolled using a rolling pin, and molded as needed. The shape will be more varied because there are many shapes and toppings that can be explored. Double Choco Cheese Cookies are one example of this type of cookie.

We can use Elmer Dip Rocky to dip at Double Choco Cheese Cookies. This product functions as a chocolate dip for various creations of cookies, biscuits and wafers. The use of Elmer Dip Rocky can reduce the anxiety of cookie entrepreneurs who want to distribute their products to various areas in Indonesia!

Elmer Dip Rocky has advantages such as drying quickly, not sticking to the packaging, and is resistant to temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius so that the cookies will arrive in the hands of customers intact and neat. This product is available in 1 kg Elmer Dip Rocky White and Elmer Dip Rocky Dark variants, a favorite product especially during Idul Fitri and Christmas. The products can also be easily purchased at the nearest bakery ingredients store or Elmer Chocolate Official online shop.