Five Cookie Inspirations for the Month of Ramadan

Elmer 29 Maret 2022, Common Knowledge
Five Cookie Inspirations for the Month of Ramadan

Every year there are special moments that are awaited by each person, one of which is the moment of Ramadan. In a matter of months, Ramadan will come, Elmer Lovers!

Many things are always awaited during this moment, such as hunting for food for breaking the fast, various sweet food eaten upon breaking the fast at home, praying together, to preparing pastries for snacks during Ramadan and welcoming Eid (Eid Al-Fitr).

Pastries are often synonymous with Ramadan. Everyone is competing to prepare this delicious and crunchy snack in their respective homes. Therefore, this moment is also a paradise for entrepreneurs in the field of pastries and other food products.

There are certain special and familiar cakes prepared to welcome Ramadan. For Elmer Lovers who want to prepare homemade pastries for the family at home, it's time to check the following creative inspirations.



Nastar cake is a cake that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. This cake is known as one of the recipes inspired by pie cakes in the Dutch colonial period. Nastar also turns out to be derived from the Dutch language, namely bananas, and tart. It is round in shape and filled with pineapple, which is very special. Currently, nastar is one of the mandatory cakes at the moment of Ramadan because many people are looking forward to it and love it, especially now that it is available with fillings other than pineapple. Other fillings are chocolate, durian, and other fruit jams that make nastar creations more varied.


Snow White Cookies

Snow White Cookies are one of the children's favorite cakes because of their soft texture and sweet taste. The name Snow White Cookies is taken because this cake is sprinkled with white sugar all over the surface of the cake so that it resembles snow. In addition to its mouth-watering soft texture, there is a chilling sensation every time Elmer Lovers bites into it. So, to get this delicious taste, don't forget to use Bakerline Donut Dusting, delicious and very practical!


Cat Tongue Cookies 

When you hear Cat Tongue (Langues de Chat), this doesn't mean it's a real cat's tongue, Elmer Lovers. Cat Tongue is called like this because it has a shape similar to a tongue, thin and wide. This cookie is a favorite because of its crunchy and sweet texture. Elmer Lovers will definitely ask again and again.


Crunchy Cheese Sticks

This is one of the favorite cookies for lovers of savory-salty flavors because crunchy cheese sticks is made of cheese. The taste is sure to make everyone who tastes it addicted! Elmer Lovers can also modify it to have a dominant sweet taste like the Crunchy Choco Cheese Sticks ala Elmer Chocolate.


Double Choco Cheese Cookies

This is the inspiration for the last cookie creation that can be served at home, Double Choco Cheese Cookies. The texture is crunchy and the taste is very good doubled!