Firm Ganache for Fondant Cake

Elmer 25 April 2024, Tips And Tricks
Firm Ganache for Fondant Cake

Buttercream and ganache are often the top two choices for coating a cake before applying fondant because both can create a smooth, even surface ideal for supporting the fondant layer. Elmer Lovers, which team are you on?

According to Chef Diana Cahya, the brand ambassador of Elmer Chocolate, choosing ganache as the option for coating fondant cake is preferred because of its easy preparation process, simple application, sturdy results, and delicious taste. Additionally, ganache provides a smoother and firmer surface, preventing the fondant from protruding or revealing unevenness on the cake's surface. The adhesive properties of ganache are also superior, facilitating the shaping and cutting of fondant for creating the desired designs.

To make the perfect ganache, Chef Diana Cahya has shared tips and a recipe that Elmer Lovers can follow. There are two variations of firm ganache: chocolate ganache and white ganache. Both have different ingredient ratios for optimal results. For chocolate ganache, the ratio of Elmer Compound Dark Classic to fresh cream is 2:1. In contrast, for white ganache, prepare Elmer Compound White Classic and fresh cream with a ratio of 3:1.

The preparation process is quite straightforward. First, melt the chocolate using the double boiler technique or the microwave. Then, mix it with fresh cream (at room temperature) and stir until smooth. The firm ganache, suitable for coating fondant cakes, is now ready to use.