Favorite Cake and Pastry Dishes at Christmas

Elmer 05 Desember 2022, Common Knowledge
Favorite Cake and Pastry Dishes at Christmas

Special days need to be complemented by special dishes. Welcoming Christmas is certainly not complete without family and loved ones' favorite cakes and pastries. Therefore, immediately prepare yourself to make this dish and look for inspiration here!

Christmas celebration is one of the special and unforgettable moments for those who celebrate it. This day is meaningful because usually all family members and loved ones gather to spend time together. There are many activities and dishes served, cakes and pastries to be a part of it.

There are many kinds of cakes and pastries that are synonymous with Christmas Day. This time, Elmer Chocolate presents three inspirational 2022 Christmas creations that you can make at home.

Christmas Marble Cake

A favorite Christmas snack. It's easy to make and the presentation is also simple, but looks luxurious. Yes, this is Christmas Marble Cake, which has a soft texture and unique shape, dominant chocolate flavor, and an elegant Christmas design from Elmer Compound White Classic. This cake is even more special and suitable as a family gathering dish because it is added with mix fruit peel, raisin, and Elmer Chocochip Dark which makes the texture and taste even more special. For inspiration, you can immediately check here.


Love Pattern Cookies

This dish is the easiest and most widely made, and served at family gatherings on Christmas Day. Cookies have always been a favorite of all ages. In addition to being easy to make and delicious in taste, cookies can be served in many flavors and shapes. One of them is Love Pattern Cookies, in the form of a love that is given a unique pattern so that it attracts the attention of those who see it. Let's try to make it now!


Yule Log Roll Cake

An iconic dish at every Christmas celebration, the Yule Log Roll Cake. This cake, known as Buche De Noel, has historical value which causes it to be made in a shape similar to a log. No need to be confused about making it, the tutorial is ready to be watched on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel!