Exciting and Productive Eid Holiday Activities with the Family

Elmer 24 April 2023, Common Knowledge
Exciting and Productive Eid Holiday Activities with the Family

Here are activities that you and your family could do during Eid. 


Taking time for vacation and traveling with your family is an important and enjoyable experience! This activity can improve harmonious relationships and strengthen emotional bonds between family members. This can also be an activity to release stress after experiencing busyness at work. Some places that can be visited are amusement parks, beaches, national parks, museums, and zoos. Don't forget to include this activity on the Elmer Lovers list so you can change the atmosphere and scenery.


For Elmer Lovers and families who like to sing, karaoke can be one of the activities to fill the Eid holidays. Just prepare a list of favorite songs to sing together. This activity can get rid of boredom and make the atmosphere more fun because the family sings their favorite songs freely to each other. Apart from that, karaoke info can provide a sense of relaxation so that Elmer Lovers and family can enjoy the moment with their family to the fullest.

Gardening and farming at home

You can increase quality time with your family by gardening and planting at home. It is not necessary to have a large yard, gardening can use a small yard to plant various fruit plants, cacti, vegetables, and medicinal plants. The results of gardening can make the house more shady and beautiful. In addition, gardening is a way to meditate amidst busy activities. It is very suitable to be done with family during the holidays, especially the Eid holiday before activities resume.

Favorite baking creations

Eid holidays are not complete without spending time with your family to make your favorite baking creations. This activity makes holidays anti-mainstream by making delicious and varied cakes, bakery, and pastry creations. Elmer Lovers can also include their little ones to train them to do creative activities. Eits, who knows the results of this creation can also be a selling idea. So, Elmer Lovers can build a business after Eid is over. No need to worry!?

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