Everything You Need to Know About Dip Glaze!

Elmer 22 April 2022, Common Knowledge
Everything You Need to Know About Dip Glaze!

What is dip glaze? Questions that people often ask.

Quoting from detikfood, glaze or glazur is a technique of coating the surface of donuts with liquid sugar resulting from mixing powdered sugar and milk. Glaze is usually used as a donut topping. How to apply it is quite easy, namely dipping the donuts into the glaze that has been prepared.

Dip glaze is another option besides topping the donuts with donut sugar and chocolate. Many culinary outlets or business people in this field choose glaze. Apart from having a variety of choices and increasing selling points, its use is quite easy and practical. Dip glaze can provide a colorful and shiny visual that makes it more attractive.

Unlike compound block chocolate, dip glaze cannot set/dry after being applied. The glossy appearance is due to the dip glaze remaining wet on the surface of the donut. Elmer Lovers are advised to use box or cardboard packaging to maintain the quality of the appearance.

Currently, Elmer Dip Glaze is available with many choices of colors and flavors that can suit the needs and desires of customers. Bakers don't need to bother making it anymore, just by providing Elmer Dip Glaze, the baking process becomes easy.

Elmer Dip Glaze is not only for topping donuts, this product can be applied as a topping for croffles, corndogs, churros, banana nuggets, and others. In addition, Elmer Dip Glaze can be applied as a filling for bomboloni, drinks, pudding, simple mousse, and as a substitute for fat in the cake batter.

So, don't hesitate, Elmer Lovers!