Crunchy and Flaky Cromboloni, Viral Snack in 2023

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Crunchy and Flaky Cromboloni, Viral Snack in 2023

In 2023, Cromboloni or Croissant Bomboloni was considered one of the intriguing food trends. So intriguing, Cromboloni became scarce, to the point where ordering it required queuing up. Many foodies shared their moments of enjoying Cromboloni and gave their reviews on social media, sparking curiosity in others to try it.

Its popularity on social media was so significant that it went viral on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, making it more well-known among Indonesian society. It turns out, this viral pastry originated from New York and was created by Scott Cioe. In its home country, Cromboloni is known as New York Roll, a croissant creation designed to offer a more delicious and enticing variation.

Cromboloni is a combination of croissant and bomboloni. Croissant is a French pastry famous for its layered texture and buttery flavor, while bomboloni is a soft Italian donut filled with various spreads or creams. Sharing the same dough as pastries, Cromboloni has a crunchy and flaky texture. This snack is typically filled with cream, jam, or chocolate, providing a unique and satisfying taste experience.

Some establishments selling Cromboloni include Monsieur Spoon, La Verre Patisserie, and Bakerzin. These outlets often run out of Cromboloni due to the high demand from customers waiting in line. For Elmer Lovers who are lazy to queue and worried about missing out, having Cromboloni recipes and tutorials would be very helpful. You can directly watch the tutorial here!

In addition to honing your skills, the results will be more plentiful and varied. The variations of fillings and toppings can use Elmer Dip Glaze series, Elmer Spread Crunchy series, and Elmer Vista Festival series, which come in various flavors and colors to enhance the enjoyment.