Cream Layered Dessert, Mille Crepes

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Cream Layered Dessert, Mille Crepes

Dessert is a type of snack that is served at the very end after the main course which incidentally has a thick and fishy aroma or taste. This is what makes desserts need to be served fresh and mostly have a sweet taste. If initially dominated by fruit, now developed a variety of desserts to be served to customers.

There are three types of desserts such as hot desserts, cold desserts, and frozen desserts. Some examples of these desserts usually come from France! Elmer Lovers need to know that desserts from France are not only macaroons, opera cakes, souffl├ęs, and tarte tatins, but also mille crepes, which have recently been a hit again.

Milles Crepes

Milles crepes are a snack that is included in the dessert category without an oven and steam method. Mille crepes come from the phrase "mille-feuilles" which means a thousand leaves and refers to a French dessert made from pieces of pastries and filled with cream.

The process of making it is easy, Elmer Lovers only needs to prepare a pan and make thin crepes that are stacked layer by layer and filled with each strand. Cream on mille crepes can be made in several alternatives, for example, whipped cream, cream cheese, or buttercream. In addition, the filling can be added with various jams, chocolate, and fruit which can make the taste even more delicious. Mille crepes usually last 2 weeks in the freezer at 18 degrees Celsius and 7 hours at room temperature.

If Elmer Lovers want to make it at home, Elmer has prepared a Mille Crepes Red Velvet tutorial where the layers of the skin can be made more varied using various Elmer Dip Glaze variants! Come check out the complete tutorial on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.