Chocolate Drip Cake, Easy, Beautiful and Interesting Decoration Technique!

Elmer 01 April 2022, Common Knowledge
Chocolate Drip Cake, Easy, Beautiful and Interesting Decoration Technique!

As an entrepreneur, beautiful and attractive decorations can be the first way to attract consumers' attention in choosing the creations offered. After that, taste becomes another important aspect.

Drip Cake is a Trend to Date

It's like magic! Decorations can make simple cake creations more elegant and varied, starting from naked cakes, and decorating with gum paste, fondant, butter cream, and others. These decorating techniques add value to each of the cakes made, including the drip cake decorating style.

The drip cake decorating style creates a more impressive creation display with just a 'little' amount of time and effort.

Drip cake is known as a cake decorating technique using melted chocolate / chocolate ganache so that it looks like there is a flow on each side of the cake. This technique, which has become a trend since 2015, can also be made from white chocolate and colored chocolate!

Entrepreneurs can use Elmer Compound Dark, Elmer Compound White and Elmer Tropical Rhapsody & Vista Festival as ganache ingredients. This makes cake decorations more varied and unique.

Since being popularized by Katherine Sabbath, using cake decorations or known as the Sydney cake queen, the drip cake technique has become a favorite choice for housewives and novice bakers because of its ease of manufacture and application. This is what causes the drip cake technique to maintain its trend even today.

Basically, there are several ways to make chocolate drip cake, starting from using a squeeze bottle, piping bag, or spoon. Whichever method is chosen, the use of all three can be adjusted to the needs and comfort of each person.

Tips for Applying Drip Cake

The things that need to be considered when making drip cake decorations are the right thickness of the chocolate and the texture of the cake that needs to be put in the chiller before pouring the chocolate ganache. This decoration style can be enriched with the addition of edible flowers, butter cream decorations, fondant decorations, or various variants of Elmer Chocolate Decoration.