Beverages Business Ideas for Beginners

Elmer 20 Juni 2023, Tips And Tricks
Beverages Business Ideas for Beginners

Food and beverage are basic human needs so these businesses are relatively stable and potentially profitable to be developed in the Indonesian market.

The beverage business itself is growing with the existence of modern drinks that are used for various purposes, maintaining hydration, improving health, and refreshing the body.

The beverage business has a relatively large profit margin due to lower capital. In addition, the required skill set is not as complicated as the food business. The types of beverage businesses are very diverse and have their own markets, so Elmer Lovers can choose the one that suits their target market!

Some types of these drinks are coffee, boba drinks, cheese tea, juices and smoothies, herbs, milk variants, green tea, matcha, coconut, and chocolate. These drinks are not only sold in cafes and restaurants but in outlets that are easily accessible to customers. Apart from being able to enjoy it on the spot, there are several businesses that provide take-away concepts to meet the needs of customers in big cities which incidentally have high mobility.

So, to make it easier for Elmer Lovers to start a beverage business, check out the 3 best business drinks ideas in 2023!

Strawberry Excellent Smoothies

Smoothie drinks are predicted to be a type of drink that will become more popular in 2023! Elmer Lovers can take advantage of this moment to sell various kinds of smoothies that are refreshing or healthy, one of which is Strawberry Excellent Smoothies. This drink made from a mix of Bakerline Violetta Excellent Strawberry has a strong flavor, fresh strawberries, yogurt, milk, and others. Its enjoyment and uniqueness are further enhanced by the addition of boba, chia seed, aloe vera, and Elmer Crispy Ball. We recommend drinking it directly so you can feel the freshness more!

Chocodrink Cheese Cream

A combination of chocolate drinks, cheese cream toppings, and a variety of soft, creamy, and varied chocolate decorations. Elmer Lovers can serve this drink cold in a glass or cup to give a refreshing sensation. Other chocolate drinks that could be an idea for Elmer Lovers to sell, Iced Mint Choco Latte, Elmer Dalgona Coffee Latte, and Javachip Chocodrink which can be watched on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.

Ice Glaze Blended

The blended glaze is one of the drinks that you must try as a selling menu! Elmer Lovers can explore various flavors: Elmer Dip Glaze, sweetened condensed milk, fresh milk, and ice cubes. Elmer Dip Glaze can be chosen according to your favorite variant, starting from mango, strawberry, green tea, vanilla, avocado, and others. The taste is sweet, soft, and creamy from Bakerline Whipped Cream toppings and has a unique sensation from the selected Elmer Dip Glaze flavors. This drink is perfect for serving cold in hot weather, as a dessert, or as a complement to family gatherings.


Those are 3 trendy beverage ideas that you must try to start a business in 2023. The ingredients are simple, the process is easy, and the flavors can vary. What are you waiting for, it's time to check Elmer's products and re-create Elmer's drink recipes.