Best Valentine's Gift Ideas for Couples

Elmer 27 Januari 2023, Common Knowledge
Best Valentine's Gift Ideas for Couples

February is known as the month of love because it is synonymous with Valentine's Day. This moment is usually commemorated by giving each other gifts to each other. So, what will Elmer Lovers give to special someone?

People around the world celebrate February 14th as a special day. On February 14th, many people share special gifts with their couples, even this date is used as a special moment to propose their lover. Yes, February 14th is Valentine's Day, celebrated with joy by many people to express affection through gifts.

In Indonesia, Valentine's Day is not a mandatory celebration, but quite a few couples celebrate it through exchange gifts, have romantic dates, and spend quality time with their loved ones. If Elmer Lovers is one of those people who likes to give gifts, then there are things to pay attention to!

Pay attention to Personalized Gifts

Often, people give chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day. On this day, chocolates and flowers will be very easy to find and displayed in many places. Even though both are gifts that are preferred, it would be better to choose a gift that is anti-mainstream, for example, a personalized gift that is purchased or made directly according to the preferences and needs of loved ones. Apart from being anti-mainstream, this will also be a unique gift that will give a special impression.

Some personalized gift options that Elmer Lovers can give are scrap boxes to display moments together, music boxes to enjoy favorite music, homemade paintings that have meaning, writing or poetry about sincere feelings, or making his/her all-time favorite snack.

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4 Recommendations for Homemade Snack Gifts to Make Relationships More Romantic

Speaking of snacks, there are 4 recommendations for delicious and favorite snacks that can be given to your couple on Valentine's Day to make your relationship even closer and more romantic. What's more, this snack can represent effort and sincere feelings towards your couple for making it yourself.


A typical French snack that has a beautiful and attractive color with an addictive sweet taste. The fillings can vary from cream, ganache, or jam, which can be adjusted to your couple's preferences. Don't forget to use elegant packaging to increase its appeal so that it becomes a luxurious and special gift. Can't wait to make it? Come check out the French Macaron Classic tutorial so you can do a trial to maximum results.



Cookies that have a savory and sweet taste can be one of the right choices for gifts on Valentine's Day. Elmer Lovers just have to choose the flavor, shape, and type of cookies that suit their partner's preferences. One form of cookies that can attract attention is the shape of love, such as Love Patter Cookies which are crunchy with a unique shape. Elmer Lovers can make it by looking at the tutorial here.

Dessert Box

There are more and more fans of dessert boxes in Indonesia, especially since many people like the delicious taste and the varied toppings. Sitting together with your partner while enjoying a sweet homemade dessert box at Valentine's moment will certainly be a beautiful moment. Don't forget to make the color the same as Valentine's theme, red or pink, like this Red Velvet Dessert Box.



There is one snack that is always the prima donna on Valentine's Day. Yes, cupcakes! Elmer Lovers can explore the desired cupcake menus. Make sure it tastes good too. Well, there is a cupcake tutorial that you can try!

Four inspirations were chosen based on the ease of making them and their popularity on Valentine's Day. The process of making it can be tried from now on so that the results are maximized, especially if this is the first time making your own snacks. Have fun, Elmer Lovers!