Bakerline Silky Fondant, Fondant Icing for Cake Decorations

Elmer 04 Januari 2024, Common Knowledge
Bakerline Silky Fondant, Fondant Icing for Cake Decorations

Have you ever seen cakes adorned with unique and captivating characters, especially birthday cakes and wedding cakes? The decorations used are made from fondant. Fondant or icing sugar paste is a material used to cover cakes and create cake ornaments. This decorative layer is elastic and pliable, allowing it to cover cakes or shape intricate decorations.

Originally, fondant was used in France and Italy in the 16th century as a sweetener in cakes and candies. However, advancements in baking techniques and cake decoration made fondant a primary material for shaping and decorating cakes. Fondant plays a significant role in transforming cakes into captivating works of art.

The available fondant can be applied by kneading it similar to bread dough, then rolling it flat and adding color. This fondant can be used to cover the cake's surface, providing a smooth, even appearance and serving as a canvas for detailed and precise decoration. Furthermore, fondant can be shaped into various decorations such as flowers, cartoon characters, geometric designs, and other elements to enhance the cake's visual appeal. To ensure an efficient and easy cake covering and decorating process, it's essential to choose fondant that is elastic, flexible, and tear-resistant.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the durability of the fondant-covered cake in the refrigerator to prevent moisture, which could damage its appearance. Hence, we recommend Bakerline Silky Fondant, which has been used by small and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM), cake decorators, and professional chefs like Chef Achen Ny. Liem, Chef Diana Cahya, and Chef Kleyo Sugarpaste. Additionally, several baking courses led by international chefs have utilized Bakerline Silky Fondant in their cake decoration materials, such as @ekats and @dicakestudio.

Bakerline Silky Fondant is available in two color variants, white and black velvet, and two size variants, 1kg and 5kg. It is widely available in baking supply stores and Elmer Chocolate's official online store. Enjoy trying it out, Elmer Lovers.